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    The South Carolina Youth Workers' Association exists as a forum for professionals and other concerned citizens. The needs of young people are enormous, and the agencies and programs serving them so diverse, than an umbrella group such as the Association is needed to address the broadest perspective of children's issues.

    The membership of the Association includes legislators, professionals and others who have shaped policy in South Carolina over the years, as well as front-line workers and concerned citizens.

    In addition to providing training and possibilities for sharing information through the mechanism of twice-yearly conferences, the Association has become active in supporting important legislation affecting youth. The impact of nationally prominent speakers, of expert testimony relating to children's policy at public hearings, of member and Board endorsements all of these have provided avenues for change.

We created this website so you can learn more about us, learn more about joining the SCYWA (including how to apply online), and learn about our conferences and the awards that we present each year. Please enjoy your stay and don't hesitate to contact us for more information!

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